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Do What You Love.

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Do What You Love.

Would I make jewellery if I had zero sales? Is a question I asked myself before setting up my business.

I absolutely would.

Once I found something that interested and inspires me to the point of waking up eager to try the latest idea that has popped into my mind, I made the decision to re-organise my day / week / month / year somehow, to allow time to do that very thing.

Colleagues I have worked with in busy office jobs tell me they have interests they would like to take up, but no time for extra curricular activities as the job leaves them so tired.

If I have to get up an hour early to work on an interest or hobby or rethink the way I spend my evening (i.e. TV) hours, it is worth it for the sense of satisfaction and increased well being that comes from doing something I enjoy.. something that helps to quiet my racing mind.

There are seasons where it helps to break down tasks into manageable chunks e.g. “what can I get done in 30 mins?”. Follow that route can feel like a painfully slow process due time restrictions, but I WILL get there, and feel a sense of achievement having made it to my goal.

Examples of ways I have used restricted time in the past are:

  • Spending the first 30 minutes at home doing some internet research; taking off my coat and shoes, but NOT visiting the kitchen (big distraction), until I’ve finished the job at hand.
  • Spending one hour at a coffee shop straight after work with my sketch book before getting the train home.
  • Deciding on one evening every week as my jewellery making day.

How do you protect time to work on projects that make you happy?

“Ignoring your passion is slow suicide. Never ignore what your heart pumps for. Mold your career around your lifestyle, not your lifestyle around your career.”

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