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Cobalt & Yellow

Iโ€™m inspired by any and everything my eyes fall on. In this case, I pinned these images on one of my boards (the original sources, unknown), thinking about how perfect the cobalt, yellow and white colour combination could be for a summer creation.

I created a cobalt, yellow, white and translucent polymer clay cane, then opted to distort the design by running the sliced circles back through the pasta machine and spreading the cane on a thin translucent sheet.

I tried several options before being satisfied with a layered clay design with cane pieces captured between thinly rolled sparkly cobalt and translucent sheets. Once I was happy with the thickness and placement of each layer, I rolled the whole thing gently to lay everything flat before cutting a variety of shapes and sizes.

I made a variety of one-off pieces with the colour design. The collage below shows a pair of earrings and bracelet made from a combination of different chips (flat pendant shapes), beads and hollow shells made in the same colour combination.  

What are your favourite summer colour combinations?

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