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Exploring Cobalt and Yellow: A Creative Journey

As a creative, I find inspiration in the colours, shapes, and patterns that surround me. One particular colour combination that has caught my eye is cobalt, yellow, and white.

In this post, I’ll share my creative process and the journey of bringing this vibrant colour palette to life in my jewellery range.

Finding Inspiration

It all began when I stumbled upon a collection of images featuring a striking combination of cobalt blue, bright yellow, and crisp white. Instantly, I envisioned the potential for a summer-inspired creation. With these colours dancing in my mind, I embarked on a journey of artistic exploration.

Creating with polymer clay

Armed with my inspiration, I experimented with polymer clay to bring my vision to life. I crafted a vibrant cane using cobalt, yellow, white, and translucent clay, each slice a miniature work of art. But I didn’t stop there – I wanted to push the boundaries of my design.

Pushing boundaries

I chose to distort the traditional cane design to add depth and complexity to my creation. I ran the sliced circles back through the pasta machine, resulting in beautifully textured sheets of clay. These sheets became the canvas for my creation.

After some trials and adjustments, I settled on a layered design that showcased the intricate cane pieces sandwiched between layers of translucent and sparkly cobalt clay. The contrast between the bold colours and the subtle translucency created a captivating visual effect.

Crafting unique pieces

With my layered clay sheets complete, I set out to create an array of one-of-a-kind pieces.

From earrings to bracelets, each item bore the unmistakable mark of the cobalt and yellow colour scheme.

These images highlight the diversity of my creations, from delicate earrings to statement-making bracelets.

Blue, yellow and white earrings

As I reflected on my creative process, I couldn’t help but think of the endless possibilities that summer brings. The vibrant hues of cobalt and yellow evoke feelings of warmth, energy, and joy—the perfect palette for a season filled with adventure and exploration.

In the world of art and design, inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places. For me, it was a simple colour combination that sparked a journey of creativity and self-expression. As I continue to explore the depths of my imagination, I invite you to share your favourite summer colour combinations and join me on this colourful adventure.

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