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Blue and grey earrings

Slow(er) Making..

When I was new to making, I would start with a large quantity of polymer clay and produce several pieces at the same time, enjoying the fact that finished pieces in the same style from the exact same clay mix, were nevertheless unique.

Listen to this post.

Now I work differently in smaller quantities with more time to refine a piece, and more focus on the individual character of a disc, tile or pendant necklace.. if I manage to make two at the same time, it’s a happy coincidence!

To me, that makes each creation a little more precious..  more treasured. I’m happy when a piece sells and also sad to see it go, knowing the next will be different. 

These are some favourites that have gone to new homes but have not been forgotten:

Check out the gallery for more of my favourites. Each piece is individually remarkable.


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