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textured handmade earrings close up

Adorning with heart: Sharing self-crafted wearable artistry

I have always found inspiration in the world of art, from the strokes of a brush to the intricacies of sculpted forms, every creation tells a story.

Artistry in Motion

Roaming through galleries and museums, I challenge myself to resist the urge to capture photos on my phone, only to succumb to the magic of a masterpiece that captures my attention.

Thea, browsing at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Lisbon

The idea of wearing my own creations, carrying their essence with me, and sharing them with the world fascinates me. This is the beauty of wearable art, a concept that resonates deeply with me.

Thea wears an Embossed Fleur neckpiece [L] and a Batik-Blue curved pendant and earring set [R]

Personal narratives in wearable forms

There’s a special thrill in developing an idea sparked by a photo, a painting, or a textile pattern that speaks to my heart and turning it into a necklace that rests against my chest. It’s like embodying a fragment of my story, a reminder of the beauty that exists in the world, right there with me as I navigate through my daily life. Genuine compliments from strangers about the handmade jewellery I wear, knowing it springs from my own creativity, warms my heart like nothing else.

Through art, I connect my inner world to the outer one. It’s my way of communicating with the universe. Sharing my creations with fellow jewellery enthusiasts – with you – feels like inviting them to understand a part of me, to see the world as I do, vibrant and full of possibilities. With each wearable masterpiece around my neck, I embrace my artistic journey.

Broadcaster, Patricia Blaze Wharton, wears a Monochrome Disc Neckpiece (100mm diameter) [L] and Lime Grey Tile Neckpiece [R]

Where art and fashion collide

The appeal of wearable art lies in its ability to break traditional boundaries. It melds art and fashion, encouraging me to challenge norms and weave my personal narrative. It’s a blend that sparks curiosity and conversations, allowing me to share my love for art in a personal, relatable way.

Karen Arthur, a podcaster, fashion creative, speaker, model, and writer, believes in the power of clothing and accessories to boost moods and spirits. She emphasises the importance of thoughtful clothing choices that radiate positivity and joy.

#wearyourhappy is about making conscious clothing choices every day
to help feel a little better” – Karen Arthur

Karen Arthur wears colour-blend Oval Script Drop earrings.

Karen’s wisdom, “We’re not on this tiny rock for long enough to live for someone else’s opinion,” reminds us that true empowerment comes from self-expression. By prioritising our own authentic selves, we become beacons of strength and encouragement for others.

As I craft each piece of wearable art, I carry this philosophy with me, imbuing my creations with the same spirit – an invitation to embrace personal joy and authenticity in every adornment.

Photo by George Eyo, model Sanya Lerin. Sanya wears a Large Peacock Cane Layered Neckpiece (100cm diameter).

A snapshot of a moment

Every piece I create captures a part of my journey, freezing a moment in time. As a jewellery artist, seeing someone’s eyes light up with interest as they touch or try on one of my pieces is an unmatched joy. Every twist of wire, stroke of a brush, and fold of clay come together to form a masterpiece that finds its purpose when worn by its owner.

The relationship between the artist, creation, and wearer is a fascinating aspect of handmade jewellery. When you, my reader, choose to wear a piece I’ve crafted, you become a collaborator in my artistic journey. It’s incredible to see you infuse your own style and energy into my designs, making them your own.

Laura Sampson, Performance Storyteller and Writer, wears a Brick Coloured Pencil Neckpiece, (60mm diameter).

The journey doesn’t end when I finish making the piece; it’s only the beginning. Being part of someone’s life through these creations – marking milestones and celebrating moments, is an honour. The joy of having jewellery lovers appreciate and wear my pieces is a constant inspiration, pushing me to dive deeper into my craft and create wearable art that resonates with hearts and souls.

Registrar and Celebrant Cynthia Green wears vivid-green Bubble Textured earrings [L] and a Monochrome Disc Trio Neckpiece [R]

Wearable art is a testament to the boundless creativity that art offers. It’s a personal journey of self-expression, an opportunity to carry inspiration and a bridge that connects the world of art with the world of fashion. Through wearable masterpieces, I’m not just adorning myself; I’m sharing a piece of myself, inviting others to witness the magic that lies within and around me. It’s a reminder that art isn’t confined to frames; it’s a vibrant, living part of my story.

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  • Patricia Wharton
    September 1, 2023

    This is such a great post. I always feel extra special wearing any of these uniquely made pieces.. Always creating conversation by someone saying, ‘wow I love your neck piece where did you get it?’.

    There is also a community once you have one piece you recognise another straight away.

    So thank you for sharing your craft with us.

    I am blessed. Yes, it’s time for my next piece to add to my collection


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