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Photo by Simona Marinkova on Unsplash

Embracing the Equinox: Creative reassurance during the winter’s chill

In the UK where I live, the New Year unfolds amid the cool embrace of winter. As a creative, I find myself grappling at this point of the year, with the challenges that the cold and dark days bring. The promise of a Spring Equinox in March, however, offers a welcome contrast.

Spring Equinox symbolises a transition in seasons and a palpable shift in the atmosphere, bringing with it the promise of growth, increased light, and a flourishing creative spirit.

Winter’s chill and creative hibernation

The arrival of the calendar New Year in the heart of winter can be a double-edged sword for artists. The biting cold and extended nights can create an environment that feels inhospitable to creativity. Inspiration may be harder to come by, and the natural inclination to hibernate indoors can sometimes lead to a creative hibernation, leaving us yearning for a spark.

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

The Equinox as a catalyst for change

The Spring Equinox, in contrast, is a symbol of hope in winter’s chill. Unlike the abrupt shift accompanying the calendar New Year, the Equinox can signal a gradual awakening.

As we inch towards spring, there’s a noticeable change in the air. The days lengthen, and the promise of increased sunlight becomes a powerful catalyst for change. This shift becomes a metaphorical thawing, both in nature and in our creative pursuits.

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

A season of growth

Photo by Hugo Sousa on Unsplash

The Equinox marks not just a change in weather but a season of growth. The once-dormant earth begins to stir with renewed energy, and similarly, our creative landscapes can experience a revitalisation. The increased daylight serves as a natural stimulant, coaxing our ideas out of hibernation and into the warm glow of possibility.

Photo by Hugo Sousa on Unsplash

Emerging from the creative winter

Winter might have felt like a creative slumber, but the Equinox signals the emergence from this wintry cocoon. The thawing of the creative landscape allows for a more fertile ground where ideas can take root and flourish. Just as nature begins to bloom, our artistic pursuits are poised for a burst of colour and vitality.

Photo by Jacob Hilton on Unsplash

Photo by Jacob Hilton on Unsplash

Basking in the Equinox light

Photo by Hugo Sousa on Unsplash

The Equinox not only brings physical light but metaphorical illumination to our creative paths. As the days grow longer, there’s a sense of optimism and anticipation. The additional light becomes a companion on our creative journey, providing clarity, inspiration, and the encouragement to explore new avenues.

Photo by Hugo Sousa on Unsplash

So, why did I choose to delve into the significance of the Spring Equinox on New Year’s Day? It’s all about encouragement and reassurance. You might be someone brimming with enthusiasm today, all set with meticulous plans and invigorated by your resolutions, ready to conquer the world. Alternatively, you may already find yourself facing the aftermath of the New Year’s hurdle, feeling the weight of promises made to yourself and others just a day ago. If you’re in the latter group, here’s the reassurance: you have time.

"..When all the shock of white
and taffy, the world’s baubles and trinkets, leave
the pavement strewn with the confetti of aftermath,
the leaves come. 

Patient, plodding, a green skin
growing over whatever winter did to us, a return
to the strange idea of continuous living despite
the mess of us, the hurt, the empty. 

Fine then,
I’ll take it, the tree seems to say, a new slick leaf
unfurling like a fist to an open palm, I’ll take it all."

Instructions on Not Giving Up - Ada Limón

The Equinox offers a gentle reminder that the journey towards growth and creative resurgence doesn’t adhere to a rigid timeline. Take a deep breath, ease up on yourself, and recognise that the Equinox provides a generous runway for reflection and recalibration. There’s ample time to think, prepare, and approach your creative aspirations with renewed vigour when the season of growth and increased light arrives.

Photo by Waqar on Unsplash

Photo by Waqar on Unsplash

May this be a time when our ideas thaw, take root, and bloom into the vibrant expressions we’ve been nurturing throughout the winter chill. Here’s to the Equinox! A herald of inspiration and the renewal of our creative spirit.

2024’s Spring Equinox will take place on March the 20th.

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