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Unlocking Serenity: Creating Calm Moments Through Doodling

Finding some semblance of solace in this busy and often horrific world has become a cherished necessity. In addition to my love of all things polymer clay, I stumbled upon another practice that has brightened some dark days recently, doodling with colouring pens.

In this post, I will share why this artistic escape has become my haven in this current season, and how it might just become yours too.

Untitled Doodles by Thea

A canvas for my thoughts

As someone who often finds it hard to put my deeper thoughts into words, vibrant pens and a blank canvas give me the space to convey emotions and ideas in a way that feels uniquely mine. It’s like a visual diary where every stroke frees my mind from the weight of unspoken thoughts.

Lost in the moment

There’s something magical about losing myself in the unstructured patterns and colours of doodling. The mindful focus required to create these designs is a gentle anchor, pulling me away from the chaos outside and within. It’s in these moments of concentration that I find a respite, a temporary escape into a world of my creation.

Untitled Doodle by Thea

A colourful balm

Stress is an unwelcome companion we all know too well. The rhythmic movement of my hand and the vivid colours or patterns blending while I’m doodling create a soothing symphony that helps lower the stress-induced tension in my body providing much-needed relief when life feels like a storm.

Igniting imagination

The beauty of doodling lies in its simplicity. There are no rules, no critiques – just a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled.

It’s a reminder that creativity is not reserved for the skilled few but is a gift we can all unwrap and enjoy.

Accessible art, anytime

Doodling is effortlessly accessible. There’s no need for fancy art supplies or a dedicated studio. The very act of doodling is a reminder that self-care doesn’t have to be elaborate.

Untitled Doodle by Thea

An emotional outlet

Each doodle is a visual representation of my emotions, a form of personal therapy without the need for words. The colours I choose, the patterns I create – they can speak volumes about what’s going on inside my mind. It’s a gentle way to confront and process feelings, turning a blank page into a mirror reflecting my inner landscape.

Untitled Doodle by Thea

As I wrap up this reflection on my doodling journey (when will I next write that phrase?) I’m reminded that sometimes the simplest acts hold the deepest meaning. In a world clamouring for our attention, finding solace in the quiet strokes of a pen is a reminder of the power of mindfulness and creativity to nourish the soul.

As you navigate the ups and downs of life, may you find your canvas for tranquillity and may the vibrant colours of self-expression guide you through even the darkest of days.

Thea x

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