Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

As mentioned in my previous post, I recently attended an indoor market and networking event called Entrepren’US in September of this year.


One of the aims of Entrepren’US is to create a stimulating environment for visitors to browse, be inspired and purchase.


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Another aim, is to encourage  creative networking among entrepreneurs.. Yes, we could drink wine and exchange business cards, but where possible, what better way to showcase your business, raise interest and solicit advice than ‘in action’?


I thoroughly enjoyed my day there.





Another impressive collaboration project I visited this year was the Catford Arts Trail.


The trail was initiated by five professionals working out of Catford studios, with 2016’s ‘open studio trail’ including an impressive array of seventy artists, designers and makers. You can read about the initiative here.


On visiting one of the many sites, I was amazed at the selection of  localised talent in just one building – contemporary silver jewellery by KT New, tactile and unique mosaic artwork by Jan Cook, luxurious bags and coats by Deco22 and cute pieces by K At Crochetstuff including a crochet bootie advent calendar. I will definitely plan time to take my map and explore more sites next year!



Deco22 on the October 2016 Catford Arts Trail



Keeley Street Set is another good example of designers working together to further their media reach and improve the customer experience.  The set comprises of ten emerging jewellers who studied at London’s City Lit (located on Keeley Street, inspiring the name). Together they create an exciting brand, pooling resources and engaging with a wider range of customers.


There are many more initiatives and businesses dedicated to bringing artists and makers together, Crafty Fox Markets and the ‘Made’ Design and Craft fair are two more.


I am a firm believer in celebrating one another’s talents and business endeavours.


If I can purchase, or publicise a handmade item I love, I will not hesitate. The same goes for occasions where someone is talking about their business experience and I can think of another business owner with similar experiences or knowledge, I will suggest they link and hope that shared information or experiences can help them both bring their ideas and dreams to fruition.


If you know of any other great examples of artists, designers and makers collaborating, please do drop me a line!
Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment on my FB Page or via the contact form, and have a browse through the shop and archive, you may find a piece that is meant to be yours!



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