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At the very core of the pieces I create for others is my desire to make jewellery that resonates with the wearer from the second they see it. That .. ‘it’s meant for ME!’ factor is what I strive for. If you see one of my pieces and can’t leave the site or stall without it, if you smile with an ‘..ahh, there it is..!’ when you pull the piece out to wear it, then I have happily achieved my goal.

In need of some new pieces for my own wear, what I usually refer to as a ‘clay-play-day’ was overdue.

Unfortunately for me, due to other commitments I just didn’t have enough spare time on my hands. So instead of a clay-day, I revisited my treasure trove of beads and pendant pieces I have made in the past 6 months.

I wanted something in black or grey that was small and subtle to wear with a particular black dress. In looking through the pieces, some were pleasant surprises – it’s amazing the range of shapes, sizes and effects I can produce in one ‘freestyle sitting’…

With some handmade graphite clay pieces, glass beads and small Tibetan silver squares spread out on my beading tray, I set to work with some silver wire. The end result was perfect for my purposes!

graphite necklace x300(2) graphite earrings x300(4)

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment on my FB Page or via the contact form, and have a browse through the shop and archive, you may find a piece that is meant to be yours!



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