Catford Arts Trail: Artist Spotlights #3 67 Fordel Road

Last weekend’s Catford Arts Trail was a great experience and it’s not over yet!


This weekend, 30th Sept – 1st Oct, I am again, at 67 Fordel Road with Barbara Gray, Simon Farnhell and Linda Latter.


Barbara Gray (website / social media coming soon)

Barbara has a passion for photography and heritage that shines through her work. Along with an array of images of Corbett Estate stone faces, her exhibit on this year’s trail celebrates the Caribbean diaspora and its impact on the UK. 


With a natural talent for capturing the spontaneity of a movement and an expression, this chance to view some of her collection and hear Barbara speak is not to be missed!


Photo credit: Barbara Gray: “Silent Heroes”

Photo credit: Barbara Gray: “Let’s Get The Party Started”


Simon Farnhell

With a textural complexity and depth to each of his images, Many are surprised to hear that Simon Farnhell’s work is almost exclusively photographic.


Simon layers his captured images using Photoshop, creating limited edition giclée prints on archival watercolour paper. Most of Simon’s current work is inspired by sites around his South London home, with an emphasis on parks and public spaces.


I have fallen in love with Simon’s prints so much that I am trying to talk him into producing a limited edition silk scarf line – wish me luck!


Photo credit: Simon Farnhell

Photo credit: Simon Farnhell


Linda Latter (website / social media coming soon)


Linda Latter’s work is a visual biography.


Previous works have been presented as a time-line displayed consecutively – this year, Linda is encapsulating the continuous frieze concept into a series of intense triptych displays that illicit a more immediate impact on the viewer.


Linda’s use of colour to communicate depth and story is impressive and her greeting cards and prints are simply beautiful!


Photo credit : Linda Latter

Photo credit : Linda Latter

All artists featured in this post will be at 67 Fordel Road (venue 22) on the Catford Arts Trail on 30th Sept and 1st October, click here to view full trail information.




Simon Farnhell

Catford Arts



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