Cobalt & Yellow


yellow and cobalt


I pinned the image above a few months ago (original source is unknown). The yellow and cobalt colour combination is PERFECT for summer. Even as I thought about adding a similar outfit to my wardrobe I was already wondering what jewellery pieces I could make with yellow, cobalt, white and translucent clay.


This week, I started playing with the colours.  I created a pretty polymer clay cane, then opted to distort it by running the sliced circles back through the pasta machine on a number 4 setting and spacing the colour design out on a thin translucent sheet.


FullSizeRender                                        FullSizeRender (1)



It was one of those days where I am working it out as I go, changing my mind.. changing it again.. The end result was a layered clay design. Once I was happy with thickness and placement of each layer, I rolled the whole thing gently to lay everything flat before cutting a variety of shapes and sizes.


  • Top: Stretched cane in cobalt, yellow, and white, spaced out for an abstract look
  • Next: Thinly rolled translucent sheet
  • Next: Stretched cane in cobalt, yellow, and white
  • Next: Thinly rolled translucent polymer
  • Base: Thinly rolled cobalt blue with sparkle effect


I made a variety of one-off pieces with the colour design, some of which are available in the shopThe collage below shows a pair of earrings and bracelet made from a combination of different chips (flat pendant shapes), beads and hollow shells made in the same colour combination.  



<Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment on my FB Page or via the contact form, and have a browse through the shop and archive, you may find a piece that is meant to be yours!



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