New Year, New Projects..

This Year: Dream Plan DO


I am excited for a new year and a smorgasbord of personal and business-related plans circling in my head.


It crossed my mind to illustrate this short post with a picture of my work area, looking exactly as it is while I’m sitting here typing – and I just couldn’t do it! Maybe I need to work on the realness of showing my creative mess when it doesn’t look cute.. Not this time though.


The image I did capture is one I snapped after ‘light sprucing’ and some canny cropping.


My Dream Plan DO monthly planner, featured in the image is already a great help in focussing on what I want to achieve through the year.


Dream Plan DO was launched by the Design Trust via a crowdfunding campaign before Christmas. The planner includes both thought provoking and practical topics to help creative business think bigger and more strategically. I look forward to working through the planner in the next 12 months.



This Month: Pantone Colour of the Year and Pass it Along


Pantone Colour of the Year – Greenery



This month, I am working on new pieces, playing with Greenery, the 2017 Pantone colour of the year . I will show images in a future post and list in the shop when they are complete.

I am also starting a special piece as part of the Pass it Along project. This is my first time participating and I am looking forward to seeing all of the collaborative pieces when they are finished.


My first task as part of the project is to begin a jewellery piece, based on a given theme and send it to another jeweller to continue. Next month, I will receive a piece in the post from another jeweller and continue work on that.. and so on, until three stages on each jewellery piece are complete. You can read more about the project here, and view some of the completed pieces from the 2016 cohort.


When I signed up for the project in November, a small group took part in a mini-challenge, where we received an acorn in the post, using it as inspiration to create.. You can see a couple of progress shots and my finished earrings here.





Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment on my FB Page or via the contact form, and have a browse through the shop and archive, you may find a piece that is meant to be yours!



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