Pantone Colour(s) of the Year 2016


So, you wait a whole 12 months for a ‘Pantone Colour of the Year’, then two come along at once! 🙂


As “the global authority on colour and the provider of professional colour standards”, Pantone issued a press release last month announcing TWO colours of the year for the first time in history.




According to Pantone’s official announcement, Rose Quartz and Serenity have been selected to reflect tranquillity and ‘the colour duality in society, which has seeped into all areas of fashion and design’.


I tend to like either bold, or rustic colour themes so on reading about the announced colours, I felt tranquil to the point of snoring… BUT! After consideration, I liked the idea of taking colours I wouldn’t naturally choose as a basis to re-make some of my favourite pieces.


The pieces I chose to re-create were my chocolate-copper pieces and my disc necklace and earrings, see below pictures.


burgundy brick pendant burgundy brick earrings2

Tricircle Neckpiece (5) Cobalt-and-Yellow-Earrings-4


I did begin by picture-charting the process but as usual, soon forgot to keep a record once I got into the swing of working. I used the Pardo translucent in blue and pink as my basis, and mixed these down with standard translucent until the colours were the right level.


Pardo Translucent Clay


Once mixed, I created a kaleidoscope cane using the colours, but wasn’t really happy until I started remixing, squishing and distorting.


See below and this tag to view all pieces made with the colour theme.


I must admit I have been converted just a tiny bit – I look forward to mixing the two main colours with some other accents from the Pantone Spring 2016 range to make pieces with a bit more.. kick?! 😉


Rose Quartz & Serenity Wire Detail Pendant Rose Quartz & Serenity Square Earrings3 Rose Quartz & Serenity Disc Necklace Rose Quartz & Serenity Disc Earrings2


I already know which my favourite piece is from this range – let me which you prefer!




Kaleidoscope cane example, Polymer Clay Studio on YouTube



Pantone colour of the year website


Daily Mail Dec 2015 article


Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment on my FB Page or via the contact form, and have a browse through the shop and archive, you may find a piece that is meant to be yours!



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