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Thea Smartt Henry / Embossed Fleur diamond drop earrings

Embossed Fleur diamond drop earrings


  • Inspired by the popular Fleur de Mariage batik motif
  • Polymer clay with reflective mica powder surface colour and resin finish
  • Glass bead detail
  • Each polymer clay bead diameter approximately 20mm diameter and 5mm thickness
  • Total earring length including ear wire approx. 62mm
  • Handcrafted ear wires 



This interpretation of the Fleurs De Mariage batik motif was developed through a 2-stage lino cut as part of the TeeLino 100DayProject. The finished design is coloured with mica powders and finished with a resin gloss.

The popular Fleurs De Mariage / Mgbolodi / Rolls Royce African wax fabric motif symbolizes the beauty of happiness in a marriage and is believed to bring uncountable success and wealth to the fabric owner and their family.

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