The Futuro is Mint-Green

On a visit to Central Saint Martins earlier this week, I was fascinated with the mint-green bubble that is Craig Barnes Futuro House.



The artist was in awe of the 1970’s Finnish structures as a child and although less than a hundred were made, he went to lengths to secure one, ship to the UK and painstakingly reconstruct, making it available to the university for a year for student use, events and private hire.


Futuro house construction from website


A caveat of having access to Futuro House is that all activities within should contribute in some way to future thinking.


“We propose that every event at the Futuro House, however small, should contribute a view, challenge, or propose alternative interpretations to what the idea of the future might hold. The future need not be the dominant theme of every activity, but it is hoped that you should at least consider your contribution to future-thinking as part of the event, and leave a trace of this futural speculation.


These speculations will be collected as ‘Slivers of the Future’, a chronicle of how CSM engages with the future.” Central Saint Martins website 2017


You can read ‘Slivers of the Future’ blog posts here.


We may not all have the opportunity to work inside the structure before it moves to a new home but we can consider, what type of futuristic creative work can I set my mind and talents to?


“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” Albert von Szent-Gyorgy




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